10 Most Powerful Weapons of The Israeli Army


The Israeli military known as the Israel Defense Force (IDF) is a unique one. From the moment of its creation, it has been involved in a never-ending conflict with its neighbors. To survive in such a situation, high-quality weapon systems are as important as well trained military personnel. Israel receives a lot of assistance from the US and Germany to build up its arsenal. But they have a very strong local defense industry as well, which makes world class weapon systems.

10. Protector USV
8. Tavor/ Micro-Tavor Assault Rifle
7. Merkava 3/4 MBT
6. ATMOS 2000 Howitzer
5. F-15I Ra’am
4. Arrow 3 ABM
3. Barak 8 SAM
2. Sa’ar 5 corvette
1. Iron Dome

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