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Puccini dandy

His looks were very important to him. He was always elegantly dressed and loved beautiful hats, a grand seigneur all the way. Thanks to Giuseppe Adami we know how he looked on the day of the Premio del Commercio: he wore an elegant, dark grey waistcoat, a bowler hat and a tie in the same colour with a big pearl on it.

Puccini door Adami

He was an avid smoker and “with a cigarette between his lips, his dented hat at an angle, with something masculine and affectionate in his intelligent face and in his vigorous posture” (Adami), he certainly looked handsome and attractive.

puccini-de Dion-Bouton

That was the intention. He loved cars and driving, and he bought his first one as early as 1901: a De Dion Bouton. One of his car rides was almost fatal: after an accident he passed out and broke his leg. It didn’t stop him from buying newer and newer models, even more beautiful and faster.

Puccini jacht

Hunting was his greatest hobby. Not that he was very good at it – it seems that he often missed and thus spoiled the fun for the others. Then why did he do it? “For him, hunting was more of a display of virility, and as he grew older, the need to prove his masculinity grew stronger and stronger” (van Leeuwen). His masculinity… yes, he loved women.

Puccini Elvira

Puccini and Elvira Bonturi

Only in 1904 he married the woman with whom he had lived for many years and with whom he had a son. There was no longer any question of love, but it was the decent thing to do. His wife, Evira Bonturi, was very jealous and not without reason. Apart from many short adventures and affairs he had a long relationship with a mysterious woman from Turin, a relationship that was so serious, that he was already considering divorce.

PUccini Corinna

Maria Anna Coriasco, the mysterious ‘La Torinese’. Picture on the tombstome

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