Krzysztof Chorzelski

Krzysztof Chorzelski (kilka razy Wam juz o nim pisalam), alcista w kwartecie Balcea (dla tych nie obeznanych z muzyka klasyczna: jeden z najslynniejszych i najlepszych kwartetow smyczkowych na swiecie) jak i solista, zamowil nowy utwor na altowke.

„Here is the story of my commission of a new viola and piano piece from the wonderful British composer Joseph Phibbs entitled „Letters from Warsaw”

„One month after the Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939, Marysia Jarzabek was born in Warsaw to a young Jewish couple, David and Felka. The monumental events of the next few years had tragic consequences for the family. David spent time in a Soviet labour camp. His parents, wife and child were trapped in the Warsaw Ghetto, a life documented by letters they were able to send to Felka’s sister in the Soviet Union. To save Marysia’s life, Felka gave her to a non-Jewish family. After the war David was, remarkably, reunited with Marysia. Felka and her in-laws had perished.

Fast-forward to 2014, ten years after Marysia’s death: her son, the violist Krzysztof Chorzelski, read the “letters from Warsaw” and began to unravel the story of his mother’s early life. This is the genesis of Krzysztof’s commission from Joseph Phibbs.”

The world premiere is approaching: it’s on 16 November at the Hampstead Arts Festival in London


Przyslala Basia Jaworski









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