…. jedna z najważniejszych piosenek w moim życiu 😉 Ile łez popłynęło z moich oczu przy słuchaniu tej piosenki… Pierwsze słowa, które cisnęły mi się na usta, kiedy cierpiałam, kiedy było mi złe, kiedy okazywało się, że wszystko jest nie tak jak być powinno…..ale i… cały piękny zresztą tekst stał się pewnym mottem – by w trudnych chwilach iść dalej, walczyć i być silnym. Coś dzieje się po coś, coś jest dla czegoś, musi tak być ….​

 To samo, lecz w
​zalaczeniu ​ tlumaczeni​e​

na angielski

Thou, Lord, you have so much time,
In clouds and blue is your home
But on my head there is a lot of troubles
And for all this I got just one life.
And since you know everything better
Because you see us from above
So tell me why I feel so,
That sometimes I just want to sit down and cry…

I don’t complain about my fate.
I am meek like a lamb.
But I just hope
That you know what you are doing, Lord.
How many sins I have – who knows …
For counting them I do not have the head
All them you will forgive me anyway,
Because you are not so petty.
But why to the gates of paradise
You are leading me such winding way
And why you experience me this way
As if you’d want to make me saint.

I do not want to complain about my fate
I do not ask for more than you can give me
But I still have a hope …
That you know what you are doing, God.

This life will pass like a bad dream
As tragicomedy, as a drama
And when I awake, I will sigh…
That all this was perhaps … instead of.
But for now I remain in turmoil
I count the gray years on the fingers
And just for moments I think briefly
that I’m not here for punishment…

Today I feel like an ant when
Someone’s shoe tramplings her anthill.
Why did you give me the faith in the miracle
But then you’ve took all this away.
I do not complain about my fate
Although I know how it will be tomorrow morning
So much I wanted to say to you
Instead of … bedtime prayer.


משה רנסקי‬‎

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