Refugees by Brian Bilston

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I try not to dally with politics on here but there have been a few exceptions. One of the advantages of the daily tip run at the moment is a chance to listen to Radio 4 without having distractions other than avoiding pedestrians and speed cameras. So I was fascinated to hear about this poem. Clever is too small a word for it and no matter what your view on the subject it hits the mark though I would strongly suggest that you read the poem again, in reverse, from the bottom line. In a world that is increasingly intolerant and has the prospect of Donald Trump as leader of the most powerful country in the world I think this is very powerful – and I am not a great lover of poetry, but this just works. Give it a go.

It was written by Brian Bilston – good job!





























Refugees by Brian Bilston

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  1. Teraz czytalem od konca, faktycznie na odwrot duzo lepszy, przepraszam, nie czytalem ze trzeba czytac od konca. Ale na drugiej mysli, dlaczego nie napisac po prostu na odwrot? przeciez nie mamy jeszcze cenzury…

    A propo’s jezeli czytany od konca to nawet niezly wiersz..

  2. A terrible poem. I doubt it can even be called a poem but that is really not of my expertise. As for the content, wow!; all refugees are scroungers with a bombs in their sleeves ? Give me a break.. A „poem” written to make the reader to hate and to fear a human in need. What a shit!!.
    Once we Jews were in the same situation, the whole world turn their back on us, now we do the same to the refugees, shame on those who accept this terrible hate poem.
    Shame on who wrote it…

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