Scandinavian Jews move into Israeli real estate market

Przyslala Ewa Korulska

ewa korulska

As in France, anti-Semitic attacks in Sweden and Denmark are leading members of the Jewish communities there to invest in Israeli bolt hole.

Foreigners purchasing real estate in the center of Israel is nothing new. Over the past year, however, the familiar buyers, from France, Belgium and England, have been joined by new players in the market – Scandinavian Jews, primarily from Sweden and Denmark, who have conducted dozens of real-estate deals in the country of late, focusing on apartments in high-rise buildings in Tel Aviv and Herzliya.

Some of the buyers have moved into their new apartments, and some are buying for investment purposes or in preparation for a possible move to Israel in the future. “I’ve brokered around 30 deals in Tel Aviv alone in the past few months, and various other significant deals in the city are in the works,” says Marchello Enchilini, CEO of Franchi Real Estate, which specializes in working with foreign clients.

“We’ve seen an upswing in buyers from Scandinavia, primarily Sweden, on the backdrop of the anti-Semitism they are experiencing. We’re not talking about purchases on the same scale as those being made by the French Jews, but there’s definitely been an increase in recent months.”


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