Isa Kremer — Three Yiddish Songs of Love 1927-1928

Isa Kremer (also spelled Ise Kremer and Iza Kremer), soprano, singing three Yiddish folk songs; originally issued on Brunswick 78-RPM records during the late 1920s, they were reissued in 1960 by Collectors Guild on a long-play disc, number CGY604.
The songs presented here are–
1) Sitz Ich Mir In Stubele (All By Myself), recorded in Brunswick’s New York studios, 25 February 1928; sitting in her little room, the young girl sings of her unrequited love.
2) Geh Ich Mir Shpatcirn (Disappointment), recorded in Brunswick’s New York studios, 4 May 1927; when she goes strolling in the spring, the young woman meets a handsome young man who promises to marry her, but, in the summer, he forsakes her.
3) Oi, Abram (Oh, Abraham), recorded in Brunswick’s New York studios, 25 February 1928; the older woman is still deeply in love with her husband, whom she reminds of their youthful romance and who ends each stanza with a kiss.
Isa Kremer was born in Bessarabia in 1887. The Collectors Guild liner notes explain that, although trained as an opera singer– she debuted as Mimi opposite Tito Schipa in a production of 'La Boheme’– she left opera to perform recitals of folk music. She said, Opera is „all so silly… conventional. For me, music must be genuine. It must simply and directly express an idea… it must be art for the great mass of people.”
She sang a seven-language repertory but was perhaps best known for her program 'Jewish Life In Song’, in which she employed props– a kerchief, a rocking chair– to heighten the dramatic effect. After her American debut at Carnegie Hall in 1922, she enjoyed a successful North and South American recital career, moving to Argentina, where she died in 1956.

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