Beata Konar z mezem zrobili ten film. Beata uczestniczyla w aktywnych wakacjach w MULLSJO

Beata jest corka Ryska Konara ze Sztockholmu

kylan-1It’s freezing cold outside. The icy and dangerous fog is waiting in the forest for it’s next victim. The little girl and her classmates have no choice. They have to go to school even though they risk their lives. After passing through the great forest the children meet the dangerous fog…

Genre: Adventure.
Length: 9:25 minutes.

THE COLD is written, directed and produced by Miko Lazic at Despot Film.
Password : Kylan

Napisz password dokladnie tak jak ja napisalem.

Wiecej TUTAJ

Przyslala Beata Konar

beata konars


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