“Jews Will Not Replace Us!”

Przyslala Ala Elczewska

This was chanted by angry white men marching in the streets, in America, in 2017. I try to make sense of this even though, as a “3G” third-generation family member of Holocaust survivors, I know it is pointless to apply logic or reason to the very definition of baselessness: anti-Semitism and racial hatred.
“Jews will not replace us.” Replace you how? I’m pretty sure there’s nothing you’re doing that I want to do instead of you. Jews are 2% of the US population. Some Jewish communal leaders complain that our low birthrate will doom us to oblivion. Don’t worry, we’ll never be insignificant to the white supremacists who need us as an excuse for all their problems.
“Jews will not replace us.” I can’t help but try to understand. And I think I got it. Because actually, we WILL replace you.



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