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Mrs. Mozart, Viktor Frankl & The Lubavitcher Rebbe

Note: A first and terribly incomplete draft of this article was previously posted on some websites and blogs. This version is far more complete, authoritative and finalized after extensive research.

Three Lives

This is a story about three remarkable lives which converged, in the most unlikely of circumstances, with extraordinary results. It is a story about a Jewish girl who became an opera singer, performing in front of Adolf Hitler; about a Jewish spiritual master, and a world-famous psychiatrist.[1]

It was a strange phenomenon. The famed Viennese professor Victor Frankl (1905-1997), author of the perennial best-seller Man’s Search for Meaning and founder of Logotherapy, would send a donation each year to Chabad of Vienna, Austria before the High Holidays. This began in 1981 when Rabbi Jacob and Edla Biderman arrived in Vienna to serve as Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries in Austria and began sending an appeal to all the local Jews along with a Jewish calendar in honor of the upcoming High Holidays.

No one in the Chabad center or in the larger Jewish community could understand why. Here was a man who was not affiliated with the Jewish community of Vienna. He never attended synagogue, not even on Yom Kippur. He was married to a devout Catholic woman. Yet, he would never miss sending an annual contribution to Chabad before Yom Kippur

The enigma wasn’t answered until 1995, two years before Dr. Frankl’s death at the age of 92.

I Am the First Emissary





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