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Written by Martin Dzuris and Brian Schrauger Thursday, January 12, 2017 News and Views

The Paris Middle East peace conference that starts this Sunday, 15 January, is uncannily similar to the Munich Conference of September 1938.

Just like Munich, the goal of Paris is peace.

Just like Munich, Paris is set to announce a diktat that will sanction land theft and murderous terror.

Just like Munich, Paris could ignite another world war.

Seventy-nine years ago and in the name of peace, England, France and Italy permitted Germany to annex the the Sudetenland. The Sudetenland, a word for high mountain country, formed a ring around the heart of Czechoslovakia. Most of the people who lived there were German.

Hitler argued that Germans in the Sudetenland had the right to self determination and so, should have autonomy. He also claimed that Germans there were being oppressed.

In fact, the opposite was true. From their mountain perches, Germans in the Sudetenland were conducting campaigns of terror against Czech civilians.

Czechoslovakia was formed after the end of first world war when the Austrian-Hungarian Empire was dissolved. When he rose to power, Hitler challenged the legitimacy of the Sudetenland being part of Czechoslovakia. Hence his call for the conference in Munich in 1938.

Hitler’s belligerency combined with Germany’s revitalized economy, and its rearmament, convinced the United Kingdom, France and Italy to attend.

Czechoslovakia was not invited.

Remember the famous words by United Kingdom Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain? They were made in the aftermath of Munich.

That is when he declared to the British people that his efforts in Munich had achieved “peace for our time” and “peace with honor.” Because of this, he said, “I recommend you go home and sleep quietly in your beds.”

Today the Czech Slovak people refer to the conference as About us, without usThe Munich Betrayal and The Munich Diktat.

The World simply refers to it as the Munich Agreement or the Munich Pact.

In its aftermath, Czechoslovakia was left without allies or help. Given the choice of surrender or fighting Hitler alone, Czechoslovakia chose surrender. Giving Nazi Germany the Sudetenland, it also gave away that portion of its country that was vital to its self-defense. It also left the country without defensible borders.

Czechs living in the Sudetenland were forced to out of their homes, out of their communities.

Six months later, in March 1939, Hitler annexed whole thing. Czechoslovakia ceased to exist. In short order, the Nazis also invaded Poland.

It was all because of Munich. In its aftermath, Hitler knew the West would not stop him.

The result was a second world war.

The result was more than 60 million deaths.

The result included the genocidal slaughter of 6 million Jews.

This Sunday, representatives of 70 countries will descend on Paris, intent to bring “peace in our time” and “peace with honor.”

In fact, Britain and France are about to do the same thing to Israel as it did to Czechoslovakia. Its diktat will betray Israel in order to appease the Arab World, just like they appeased Hitler.

Israel, which rose from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire, is not allowed to attend. Like the Czechs of 1938, Israelis are witnessing an international conference that is About us, Without us.

The resolution Paris is likely to pass will attempt to force Israel to return to its 1949 “Green Line,” give up its defensible borders, and remove all Jewish citizens from the biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria.

Just like Czechoslovakia in 1938, Israel today is being called an oppressor and occupier.

Not one country helped Czechoslovakia against her aggressor, Germany. Notably, when Israel was attacked by its Arab neighbors in 1948, guess which nation was the only one to come to its defense?

It was Czechoslovakia.

In 1938, England and France were doing the bidding of Hitler. Today France and England are doing the bidding of jihad-bent Islamist Palestinians.

If history tells us anything, it tells us this:

The Paris conference will not bring peace. It will not bring honor.

What it will bring is legitimacy to Islamist terrorism in the names of Allah and Palestinian nationalism that seeks Israel’s complete destruction.

In Munich, only four countries were involved.

In Paris, seventy countries will attend; and this time, the United States of America will assume Chamberlain’s roll.

Israel must not, and indeed will not, submit to any diktat that violates its sovereignty as a nation-state, especially one that, inevitably, would render it helpless against the likes of Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, and ISIS; all of them aggressively seeking annihilation of the Jewish state.

And Paris? Just as Munich was the start of the second world war, the conference in France could easily ignite a third, and exponentially worse, world war.

All in the name of peace, in such a time as this.


Martin Dzuris is a native Czechoslovakian who also holds US citizenship. Defecting from Communism twice, today he is a commentator, activist and advocate for Israel. He can be contacted at Media@Dzuris.com

Brian Schrauger is the Editor-In-Chief of the Jerusalem Journal. He can be reached at Editor@JerusalemJournal.net

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  1. If there indeed will be a war, and I agree it could happen, it will be caused not by the Paris conference but because of the real reason which is the Israeli aggression and its PM will to do nothing with regard to a possible peace solution between the State of Israel and the Palestinians. Its the same as to say that the WWI was caused by assassination of of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and not the strong will of Austria and Germany to conquer the world.
    What a naive look of the author.

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