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The Israeli ambassador and the Minister of the Diaspora would like Hatikva, the Israeli/Jewish Peoples’ National Hymn, to become the most popular video on You Tube by April 16, 2015, the 68th anniversary of Israel ’s Independence Day.
Please view the Video clip, at the website listed below, and then forward it to all your contacts.  The object is to place this video among the top five clips.
The Arabs, living in what they call Palestine , are trying to have this video removed from You Tube.

As long as deep in the heart
The soul of a Jew yearns
And towards the East
An eye looks to Zion
Our hope is not yet lost
The hope of two thousand years
To be a free people in our land
The land of Zion and Jerusalem
Kol od balevav pnimah
Nefesh yhudi homiyah
Ulfaatei mizrach kadimah
Ayin ltziyon tzofiyah
Od lo avdah tikvateinu
Hatikvah bat shnot alpayim
Lhiyot am chofshi barzeinu
Eretz tziyon vYerushalayim.

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