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logo (1)We are all very aware of the dangerous nuclear deal with Iran.

Iran has scored a huge victory, while world powers, including the United States, have caved in on nearly every demand.

The deal paves Iran’s way to „legally” become a nuclear superpower in a decade with a vast arsenal of nuclear warheads.

And that’s if they don’t cheat…

If sanctions are dropped, Iran’s windfall of hundreds of billions of dollars will feed Iran’s mission of spreading terror throughout the world.

Click Here to Stop a Nuclear Iran

The immediate danger for Israel is tens of thousands of advanced missiles in the hands of Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, aimed at the Jewish State.

It is truly unfathomable that the US has made a deal with the world’s leading terrorist state, that continues to call for „Death to America” and „Death to Israel”.

It is now up to the US Congress to stop the deal and we cannot be silent.

If you have already taken action, please FORWARD THIS EMAIL right now to everyone you know.

If you have not taken action, please do this now:
Click Here to Tell the US Congress to Oppose the Deal

The Holocaust took place while the world was silent. Jews were being marched to their deaths, but nobody said a word.

Again, we are facing terrible danger. Iran’s leader declared that “annihilation is Israel’s only cure.”

This time, we cannot afford to be silent…

Israel needs your help now. And so does the entire free world.

Let’s do everything in our power to stop a nuclear Iran. Contact your representatives today!

Click Here to Tell the US Congress to Oppose the Deal

Again, we urge you to forward this email to all your contacts – RIGHT NOW!

With Blessings of Peace,

United with Israel

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