Nordkalotten (The Cap of the North)


Mimo pandemi pojechalo pod biegun polnocny prawie 60 osob w dwoch grupach.

10 dniowa wycieczka pełna wrażeń . Szczegółowy program wycieczki znajdziesz w linku poniżej ( angielska wersja )



After an early flight to Luleå and getting to know each other, our group took the bus to see Gammelstads kyrkstad. Then, after lunch in Ormberget reservat, we went to the Swedish-Finnish border in Haparanda-Tornio. This first day was sunny and warm as opposed to the following days.

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Our route through the northern Finland went from Tornio through Rovaniemi and Arctic Circle, Ivalo, Inari and to the Finnish-Norwegian border. We passed the Arctic Circle in the rain and later this day landed in the peaceful village of Ivalo on the river of the same name. The next day we made a trip to Inari to visit SIIDA – the museum of Sami culture and to take a boat trip on Inari Lake. On the third day we drove through the northernmost part of Finland to the Finnish-Norwegian border, making only a short stop at the reindeer farm Toini Sanila. The sky all these days was cloudy with many showers, but the silence and calm were amazing.

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One and half day and one night long trip by Kong Harald ship with the covid-19 regime on board. The weather was rather cloudy with showers from time to time, but also with few glimpses of sun. There were two longer stops in Vardø and Hammarfest for option to sightseen both places. I missed the northernmost point on our route, when the ship was sailing around Cape Nordkin (the northernmost point of mainland Europe – 71°13′ N), because it happened in the middle of the night. I woke up a bit earlier just to see the rocks near the Mehamn harbor, but soon fell asleep again.

Wszystkie ZDJECIA

10 min. film Jurka D .

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