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Dear Guest

Hereafter is an Automatic answer

Some of our apartments (the very center of Paris with walkable distance to most of our museums, monuments but also best of our markets and restaurants or the Eiffel Tower , Villa des Fusains) are available for the period and the size of the group you request for.

As we did mark in our add the price is very dependent on the number of guests and from the configuration you want to have.
You will see hereafter several pictures. As rooms, bathrooms kitchens etc are similar in all the apartments we did not reproduce all of them.

Villa Des Fusainshttp://www.ApartmentsParisLouvre.com/Montmartre-LesFusains-e.htm
Eiffel Towerhttp://www.ApartmentsParisLouvre.com/Eiffel-Tower-e.htm

We offer hereafter 6 different configurations but others are possible. We call “apartment” hereafter a part of the big one which can be totally independent from the rest (nothing is shared with the others) but can be linked together with 1 or 2 others or be just a part of the big one.

a) Louvre 4: 970E/week or 249E/week-night
1 apartment with 3 doublebeds (3 queensize) + 1 singlebed in 2 rooms 2 lofts 1 bathroom 1 kitchen, elevator, wifi ..
b) Louvre 5: 1080E / week or 276E/week-night:
1 apartment with 4 doublebeds (3queensize + 1double) in 2 rooms 2 lofts 1 bathroom 1 kitchen, view to the Louvre, elevator, wifi, washer/dryer
c) Louvre 3:1290E/ week or 318E/week-night:
1 apartment with 4 doublebeds + 1 singlebed in 2 rooms 2 lofts 1 bathroom 1 kitchen, view to the Louvre, elevator, wifi, washer…
d) Louvre 3+4+5 linked together : for example L4+5: 1990E/week or 497E/week-night
2 side by side apartments with 7 doublebeds + 1 single 4 rooms, 4 lofts, 2 bathrooms, Louvre view, elevator, wifi ..
e) Louvre 1+2 :2190/week or 518E/week-night
2 linked apartments with 8 doublebeds + 4 rooms, 3 lofts, 3 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, big balcony, elevator, wifi, washer/dryer..
f) EiffelTower or Montmatre apartment: 890E/week or 197E/week-night
with 2rooms 2 doublebeds and 1 kid bed (sofa-bed) bathroom, kitchen, internet: lift for the EiffelTower apartment and 2nd floor without lift for the Montmartre one

Rate calculated for 4 guests per apartment

+ the rates for 2012 will be increased by about5% (the price of apartments in Paris did grow by 20% this year)

+ the rate for the End of the Year period is special; please choose one of configurations proposed here in and write back

To protect our guests and our environment all our apartments are ecologically equipped and maintained : The light, air, water , heating and cooking systems apply to highest eco standards as well as our renovation, paintings, furniture, linens items and our maintenance using only ecologic products.
To optimize your stay we include a welcome assistance with a high level welcome agent speaking good English who will be able to indicate you where to go and what to do depending on your wishes, age of your kids (if any)… He will explain: the apartment (functions, eco systems, regulations,check-out), the building (functions , history), the block (restaurants, shops), the area (walks, monuments, markets, parks, bikes…) all Paris …and answer all your question to be sure that your short stay will be as efficient as possible.
In our apartments you will find original paintings of French neo-Impressionists and original lithographies printed in 19 century to represent detailed architecture of most famous monuments of Paris.
Our capital is the most visited city in the world (40 million tourists a year) because between the Roman and Modern periods, between the 1st and the 21 century it was never destroyed. During many years it was the most powerful and the richest town. It is now a city-museum, a very important piece of human patrimony where each of us has part of his roots.
Despite our fool time jobs we organize, from time to time, guided tours of Paris where you will be able to see the hidden aspect of the city the other tourist never see : the underground city, North part of Montmartre, hidden courtyards, small local restaurants with really French cheap but excellent mum made food, historical cemeteries, the islands of Seine, castles around Paris, parks of Paris, Medieval cities around Paris, scientific monuments and even research labs, some of these walks are on our website. We are both engineers but history is our passion so we did also study at Ecole du Louvre (the university of history and history of art) and as you probably feel from our writings we love our City of Lights.

Thanks to all this description we hope that when you will compare our offer with the others you will be able to appreciate our unique Location, Building and unique Care we provide to our guests.

Thanks for your request
Best Regards


For the reservation please send 150Euros/apartment/week via our bank account
our webpage using your credit card and PayPal

with your credit card you can also use directly
and send 150E(per apartment and per week) to


if you use PayPal please add 4% for the transfer cost
if PayPal is not available in your country
you can also use Western Union from the post office
in that case please send us back the MTCN(10digits number) the exact name and address of the sender.

My mobile phone            +33672863409      
Please visit our website, read the description of the apartment you want to rent, do not hesitate to ask all the questions you need before to book.

PS3 Manifest Zielony

PS1 Green behaviour

We are both engineers. We did work for civil security, protecting the population against risks (nuclear, chemical, bacteriologic, climatic..) so we did choose for ourselves, our kids, our guests, and our environment a set of measures which are reasonable and scientifically justified to avoid several of these risks in our home and our apartments.

These last years we did make significant investments to make our apartments as “green” as possible :

1) we did replace all the water heaters by fast heaters : they do not waste energy when you do not use hot water and they are more comfortable as they reheat water much faster (heat pomp) hat the slow ones (even if after 2-3 showers there is a 15min waiting time) ,

2) we did change 80% of bulbs to green (Led or Neon),

3) toilets to green (2 water flashing positions) ,showers did replace bath tubes (110liters of water spared per shower)

4) central heating system by a “green” one (condensation, heat pomp) ;

5) we did replace all the windows by double glass .

6) we have a green washing and drying system for linens and towels, and green automatically distributed washing liquids

7) most of materials we use are green: wood every ware, water paintings (no plastics or non recyclable) …

8) we use only ecologic cleaning liquids (without chlorine …) and even if the result is not as spectacular as in most of hotels we refuse to poison our guests and environment with heavy chemicals. Cleaning with Bio products is much longer and costly than with heavy detergents. Cleaning a 2 rooms apartment with a heavy chemical spry (spy and more or less wash after 15minutes) takes about 2 hours. With Green products 3hours or even 5 if it is very dirty. This is why we ask you to keep it clean.

9) Most of the furniture is wood and iron based the loft beds (queen size) are especially developed my us to be healthy as the mattresses are built on springs and coconut fibbers to help air circulation and avoid synthetic materials (used in 99% of mattresses) producing an unhealthy gas in contact with air and with transpiration

10) we did replace most of cookers and pots by ecologic induction system reducing the cooking energy by 50% and given a very high cooking comfort as well as high fire and kids security, most of pots and utensils are made in pure stainless iron so there is no risk that your food contains any heavy metals or plastic molecules after cooking

11) Our linens and towels are washed with ecologic washing liquids we and the temperatures are adjusted to make it biologically neutral but without exaggerated loss of energy. We do not use anti-stain products as they are aggressive and allergen so some of our linens can be a bit stained but clean. We do not iron the linens as it is a big lost of energy and it fragile them. We buy good quality linens and we keep them for long. We avoid to produce waste as much as we can. If you want new and ironed linens we can provide it at additional cost. But in any case please take care of them and help us to kip it clean.

12) We do not use strong repellents against : birds (pigeons), insects and mice. These products frequently contain arsenic or strychnine and their vapors would poison more our guests than the pest. But to make this measure possible you will have to strictly respect hygiene and hide your food into the fridge, remove garbage (after selection) everyday …

13) we did also optimized our apartments to give reasonable comfort and space in very central locations of Paris (to be able to walk or bike to most of points of interest) at affordable prices for everybody as wasting space and bad location is also waste of time and energy.

14) These last years we did make available our bikes to our guests but now Paris did develop a very efficient bike renting system called Velib (at very low cost) there are several Velib stations around our buildings and we will help you to use it if you want.

15) We will provide you our help to spend your vacations discovering the best of our culture, science, nature and history, our food and amusements according to our scale of values. We believe that discovering the way the other nations behave and take the best of if for you is also a way to do better once you come back home.

Please do not think that we are green extremists. We do not only ask you to participate in this eco effort we do it ourselves: our house is equipped as our apartments with much more sophisticated eco system : water and air firing systems: toilets without paper , heat pumps… our job is to develop new energies with reduced ecologic risk: solar power plants, nuclear fusion … We think that we probably are one of most CO2 effective apartments (smallest emission of CO2 per guest) in Paris. So we ask you to help us in this green behaviour => PLEASE: select your garbage, switch the light off when not necessary, do not let the taps open when non necessary, do not let the windows open with the heating or AC on (there is a ventilation system to keep a good air). One will say that we only want to reduce our costs asking you these efforts but in fact it will change nothing (or not much) in our costs, as we pay these utilities based on the number of our square meters and not on real consumption, but it will change a lot from the point of view of C02. We spend also much more time and use more expensive products to clean, to wash , to manage pests (if any) as the Bio products cost in France 2 times more than heavy chemical products. The last thing is that we did let in all our apartments a DVD with HOME the movie of Artus Bertrand to show you how beautiful our Planet is and what can happen if we do not take care of IT.

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