Erna Falk-Weiss- the cut off voice is heard again

You are listening to a recording of two excerpts from “the Marriage of Figaro” by W. A. Mozart performed by opera singer Arne Falk Weiss accompanied on piano by the musician and composer Wilhelm Rettich (1892-1988). The tracks were recorded in Germany, prior to Hitler’s rise to power. Erna was an opera soprano singer at the Cologne Opera, her carrier was severed when she fled with her family to the Netherlands, upon the Nazi regime’s taking power. After the occupation her family was sent to Westerbork and from there to Bergen Belsen. Eventually Erna died from typhus several days after the freeing of the “Lost Train” by the Soviet Army. Her family kept several of her items, pictures and one record in a very bad condition. In 2015 the record was sent by Yad Vashem to restoration. Erna’s voice was then heard for the first time by her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. for the full story you are invited to watch the film (full screen viewing is recommended)

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