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She has been called the world’s most glamorous pianist and that may well be true. In today’s music world, it is not only talent and ability that counts. Even winning a prestigious competition does not automatically lead to a contract with a record company: if you really want to make it, you also have to be able to present yourself as attractive as possible on a cover.

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Khatia Buniatishvili is busy. Performances, recordings, book signings, interviews, festivals and even TV appearances with talks about fashion and her choice of clothes: like everything about her, her dresses are special too.

Getting an interview is easier said than done, but after a lot of scheduling and rescheduling, I finally manage to get her on the phone. She apologises for postponing the appointment and I immediately forgive her: Buniatishvili is extremely kind.

Batumi is mentioned as her place of birth. An exotic name I know from a song from my childhood in Poland. A song, sung by a very popular girl group at the time, which after all these years still haunts me.

Would Buniatishvili know it? I sing it to her and she laughs. No, it means nothing to her. The name of the composer, Ajwazian, is also completely unknown to her. Moreover, she may have been born in Batumi, but in fact she is not really from there.

“I was born there, but that was no more than a coincidence. We are originally from Tbilisi and my father happened to be in Batoumi for his work. When I was two months old we moved back to Tbilisi. So actually I am from Tbilisi”.



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