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Our Kickstarter Campaign for 'Karski & The Lords of Humanity’  – a film about the man who tried to prevent the Holocaust continues to do very well!


In the first two weeks we already have 60 backers of the project and 167 ’ likes’ on our Facebook page.

Why Jan Karski?

Jan Karski is a hero almost in the mythical sense. Imagine a young Polish soldier who deliberately risks his life in order to witness the mass murder of Jews and carries his account to the west across Nazi-occupied Europe. His mission impossible is one of the most extraordinary triumphs of human spirit and his story needs to be remembered by generations to come. A single individual with a mission to save the world – what can be more inspiring for the youth of today?

Why animation?

Some 15 to 20 % of the film will be animated. We want to use animation to depict the historical scenes of Jan Karski entering the Warsaw Ghetto, of Karski meeting with President Roosevelt etc.. This way, we will avoid the more traditional reenactments with live actors and make the film more appealing also to younger audiences. Although costly, animation is one of the most celebrated new trends in documentary filmmaking.

If you haven’t pledged yet please consider doing so – any and all amounts are helpful and we have great rewards. Don’t wait until the last week, we need your support now!

If you have already pledged – thank you so much!

Please continue to get the word out – share it on your Facebook page, Twitter, and send e-mails to your friends who may want to support our film.

We need your support! Thank you!

With best wishes,

Slawomir Grunberg, Director/Producer

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KarskiandTheLordsOfHumanity

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SGrunberg

Blog: http://logtv.wordpress.com/



Cell: 917 864 0715, Fax: 914 920 9747




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