Force FB To Hire A Team To Remove All Hate Pages !!

Przyslal Wlodek Rozenbaum



I have previously created a cause to remove a page called “F##K” Israel” and got an overwhelming response. 80,000 signatures later I became aware of a deeper problem here. It’s deeper than the average person my age are aware of !! Our children troll through Facebook and are exposed to so much hate. When will FB actually be held accountable for all this negatativity here ? It’s time for them to be held accountable and start policing what is being posted and take our reporting of such pages more seriously. Most of us joined to connect with friends & family, exchange life events and post family pictures. They created closed & secret groups. Can’t some of these pages be downsized to a group verses an open page for the world to see ? I do believe in free speech, but this has gone too far. Hope you join me in this action for FB to get back to it’s core values.

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