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Dear Mr. Michael Edelman,
My name is Esti Eljaszewicz-Tepper
A year and a half ago I found out that my father’s brother survived WWII.
I am searching for information regarding my uncle, and am hoping that you might be able to help me.
My uncle lived in Bytom from 1947 – 1955
His address in Bytom is Rycerska 13 street.
He had a cousin whose name is Leon Eljaszewicz who died in Bytom in 1968.
This Leon Eljaszewicz has children who were very young when my uncle left Bytom.They remembered my uncle, but they couldn’t remember where he left to.
Maybe you know any old person who lives in Bytom who might remember my uncle?
Do you have any advice for me whom should I ask about my uncle in Bytom?
For the last 18 month I surf the Internet for many hours each day.
I contacted many Jewish organizations and hundreds of people, but unfortunately I couldn’t find where is my uncle.
About a year ago I hired a Polish lawyer who said that according to registrar documents in Bytom Tawn Office my uncle didn’t not exist as a citizen of Bytom.
Name:Fajwel (Fajbusz) Eljaszewicz (Eliaszewicz)
Date of birth: 28.6.1926
Place of birth: Kalisz, Poland
Parents names: Ester & Wolf Eljaszewicz
Finding my father’s brother or his children is a very important matter for me.
I’ll appreciate any help regarding my uncle.
Maybe there is someone out there in Bytom who can remember anything about my him?
Thank you for your time
Best regards,

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