Roots Searching Journey 2013 – Drohobycz, Boryslaw, Belzec, Lwow


Nadeslal Drochobycz Boleslaw

drochobycz 1



Our Roots Searching Trips to Drohobycz, Boryslaw and Neighboring Villages are painful and sometimes even overwhelming journeys into the hometowns of our Families who happily lived, raised families, hoped and murdered in these places. We, 2nd and 3rd generation of those who survived, are coming back to commemorate them. Till this year we were still able to have 1st generation survivors who come with us to tell their story and those of our Families. May their memory live forever more.

Caly album z podrozy


Zdjecia zrobil Rysiek Weiler

rami wailer

Patrz tez na wpis z 1 lipca.sa tam filmy ze starego Drochobycza

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