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RHINO 081227972530 (Barcode: 081227972530) ~ UK ~ Folk-Rock

Recorded: 1966 1968 Released: 2012

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This box set collects the first five (or rather four, since the fourth album was a double LP which was also released as two separate LPs in the US) albums recorded by the British Folk-Rock ensemble Incredible String Band and released between 1966 and 1968 on the Elektra label. Originating from Glasgow, Scotland the band started as a trio playing acoustic Folk music and consisted of Robin Williamson, Clive Palmer andMike Heron. Following the release of the first album Palmer left and the rest of the albums were recorded by the duo of Williamson and Heron. Legendary bassist Danny Thompson guests on the second album which also features Williamson´s girlfriend at the time Licorice McCechnie. Licorice and Rose Simpson, Heron´s girlfriend at the time, take part in the recording of the fourth (double) album.

DR. JOHN ~ Original Album Series
RHINO 081227983673 (Barcode: 081227983673) ~ USA ~ Pop & Rock

Inspelad: 1968 1973 Releasedatum: 2009

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BAD COMPANY ~ Original Album Series
RHINO 081227959241 (Barcode: 081227959241) ~ UK ~ Blues-Rock

Inspelad: 1974 197? Releasedatum: 2014

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Manfred Mann ~ Original Album Series
PARLOPHONE 825646285297 (Barcode: 825.646.285.297) ~ UK ~ Classic Pop

Inspelad: 1963 1966 Releasedatum: 2014

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