12-things to do in tel-aviv

Having mostly sat out the global recession in recent years, Israel‘s economy is booming, and Tel Aviv, with an influx of 3 million international visitors every year, is its seaside cultural and commercial Headquarters. Tel Aviv is a cacophonous mixtape of heritage that offers an exciting melting pot of cuisines, cultural traits, accents and world-views, it is often called ‘The City That Never Sleeps’  and we can promise it will amaze, delight, and have you begging for more with its verity of high end restaurants, trendy cafes, cool bars, wild nightlife, amazing architecture, white sand beaches and crystal blue water.

1 .Nachlat Binyamin art market –




The Nahalat Binyamin market is one of Israel’s biggest arts and crafts markets with ceramics, toys, paintings, framed photos and Judaical pieces. It is an excellent place to browse for original Tel Aviv souvenirs, all handmade and sold by their artist creators.

2 .Architecture Tour –
Architecture-Tour-Tel-Aviv-6 Tel Aviv’s 4,000 Bauhaus buildings collectively called White City are recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site, more info info at Bauhaus center Tel Aviv.

We would urge those who have any interest in architecture in particular or Tel Aviv history in general to sign on for the tour: ‘Tel Aviv Architecture Walk’ with Yigal Gawze. Yigal is an Architect and a photographer. Yigal provides a constant stream of insight into the inter-relationship between modernist architectural design, historical development patterns, and the cultural forces which shaped the growth of Tel Aviv. As a Tel Aviv resident, he also shares his observations regarding current development trends and the city’s struggle to respect its architectural legacy.. Altogether a fascinating and invaluable experience.




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