Reunion 69 ;Julian Birbrajer – bokrealise

Boken BENiedawno odbyl sie bokrelase ksiazki ” BE” ktorej autrem jest Julian Birbrajer.

Julian Birbrajer, ur. w Warszawie w 1955. Od 1969-ego mieszka w Szwecji.
Studiował lingwistykę na uniwersytecie w Göteborgu.
Zajmuje się przekładami literackimi (z polskiego m.in. Hanna Krall, Wisława Szymborska, Magdalena Tulli, Papusza; z angielskiego m.in. Dipak Mazumdar, Ivan Vladislavic; z rosyjskiego Josif Brodski (Joseph Brodsky); z włoskiego Attilio Bertolucci, Alberto Bevilacqua, Maura Del Serra
BE (To be or not to be / Att be eller inte be) is a book made up of seven photographical series exhibited in Sweden during 2011–2015 at ”Rönnells antikvariat” (an antiquarian bookshop and an art venue) in Stockholm, ”Stockholms fotoantikvariat” (an antiquarian photography bookshop and exhibition venue) and at ”Fotografiska” in Stockholm.
”Green is The new Black” is a new colour spectrum, ”I Presume / Antagande” is a series of av diptychs weaved together by linguistic fusion, fission and inversion, ”Time / Tid” are spreads from private calendars, ”Spartacus” is a series of images of weights—same and different, ”Still Life” is a series of red gravestones, ” Inversion / Spegelvändningar” are portraits of individuals who look at themselves in mirrors containing 17th century Dutch landscape paintings, ”Ideal Standard” is a series of urinals of the same brand.
The starting point for the conceptual images is mainly language and its relationship to life and time. The artist looks at the world with an eye full of playful seriousness.
The subjects are mainly found at fleamarkets and other graveyards, also in dictionaries and encyclopediae.
The book contains an essay by Gabriel Itkes-Sznap.
Reunion 69 zjawil sie w prawie pelnym skladzie . Ponizej pare zdjec ktore zrobila Magda Korotynska jak rowniez napisala wstep o Julku
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