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  1. Interesting, because as an leftist Jew I pretty much agree with Mr Dennis Prager analysis and overview of the history facts. There is no way we can change the facts of the past, unless we falsify them, but in case of Mr Dennis Prager presentation I do not think they are falsified, pretty true and realistic commentary.

    But then the question asked is so now what? What do we do now; do we annex the territories?, do we try to find a solution? or do we keep believing that there is nobody to talk to?. The truce is that today there is nobody to talk to on both sides, as shown during the Paris conference where none of the involved parties was present.

    They say that Jews are smart. At this time, in my opinion, they are more stubborn than smart. Jews have their Achilles heel and Arabs know it very well. It is the life of a human being. To the Arabs the life means nothing, to the Jews and especially to the Israeli Jews it means a lot. Arab militants have no problem to kill children men and women, Jews do. Life for the Jews is the purpose, life for the Arabs is the means. Does it make Jews weak? No, it does not but it makes them vulnerable.

    Desperate Palestinians will soon start again the next intifada to achieve their goals, and the Jews will suffer. So will the Arabs. But somehow they are more immune to this pain in their believe that murdering is payed off in the heaven.

    Where all this lead? Israelis Jews will eventually kneel. Not because they are not strong enough but because they are so humane and because they cannot stand of more casualties on their side. With a tail between their legs they will come to some agreement because life means to Jews much more than it means to Arabs.

    All this could be avoided if on both sides there was a smart leadership, but there is no one now, what a pity


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