Jewish Culture Festival in Copenhagen

We are happy to inform you that not only Warszawa has a Jewish Festival so has Copenhagen as well.

Our festival is from 1 – 12 of June.

This year, is a special year in the the history of Jews in Denmark.

We celebrate that King Christian the Fourth has invited Jews for 400 years ago, to come to Denmark to help making Denmark a prosperos   country.

Our Festival is no. 11 and this year we have more events than ever – 90 events.

We have concerts, films, lectures, food from different countries, guidet tours and much more.

There are many events in English, also on which is online. please follow us on facebook Jkfestival for the zoom link.

Our program is written in Danish and English.


If you come to Copenhagen, please let us know and we can help booking hotel for you.

Hope to see you.

Jacek (Jacob) & Jette Zylber

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  1. Pisze Marian W
    Denmark was first to take Jewish people in, when Poland expelled them in 1969

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