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Dear Mr. Michael Edelman, 

My name is Esti Eljaszewicz Tepper. I live in Israel.

About a year ago I found out that my father’s brother survived WWII.
My father was absolutely sure that he was the only one who survived from his family.

I am searching for my uncle and am hoping that you may be able to help.


My uncle’s name is Fajwel Eljaszewicz.

I should mention that I have seen the name Eljaszewicz written in a few different variations, for example: Eliaszewitz, Eliashevitz.

As much as I know my uncle used to live in Bytom, Poland until early 50th.

I contacted people who were his neighbors in Bytom.

Unfortunately a lawyer that I hired from Warsaw couldn’t find any records about my uncle, so I don’t know where he left to.

Name: Fajwel Eljaszewicz (Eliaszewicz)

Date of birth: 28.6.1926

Father’s name: Wolf Eljaszewicz

Mother’s name: Ester (Szkop) Eljaszewicz

 Place of birth: Kalisz, Poland

 I am asking for your help in finding information about my uncle.


Esti Tepper (Eljaszewicz)


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  1. The reliable place to search for Polish Jews is ŻIH – Żydowski Instytut Historyczny and not a polish lawyer…. get real.

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