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Nadeslala Emilia Degenius


I am involved in writing a novel concerning the events in Poland that took place in March-68 and the following years. In particular, I am interested to receive information about my father, who suffered badly from the reprisals, but I am also interested in receiving information concerning myself.

I have been in contact with the Jewish Historical Institute, JHI, as well as The Institute of National Remembrance, IPN. I have recently sent in an application in order to obtain possible information that may exist in the archive of IPN. I am now waiting for the management of this application at IPN.

When visiting the IPN I was advised to get in touch with the Polish Bar Council which may have more information about my father who lost his work as a lawyer in connection with the events in March-68. He may even have been disbarred.

I also received information that there was supposed to have been an informant at the senior high school (Il Liceum im. Stefano Batorego) I attended. It is therefore possible that there is more information to receive concerning the events at the time of my attending the senior high school.  However, I have no idea about where I possibly could get such information.  On the whole, I would be very grateful to receive all kinds of information and advice about how to get in touch with people, researchers, authorities, archives etc. that may be of help for me in my investigations.

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