Artur Rubinstein – film

The documentary Artur Rubinstein features historic film footage showcasing Rubinstein’s playing of:
Mendelssohn’s Spinning Song
Liszt’s Liebestraum
Chopin’s C# minor Waltz
Chopin’s A Major Polonaise
In his house:
Chopin’s F# minor Prelude
Chopin’s C# minor Mazurka
Chopin’s C# minor Scherzo
Chopin’s F# minor Nocturne
Chopin’s Ab Major Polonaise
In rehearsal with Heifetz and Piatigorsky, is, in my opinon, the greatest interpretation of Schubert’s Piano Trio in Bb; although sadly only the first movement was taped. The Mendelssohn Piano Trio in D minor is also featured, in its entirety, and shows the excellent partnership these three players possessed.’



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