Seeking Information about the Experiences of Survivors with the Postwar Polish Justice System

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From Andrew Kornbluth, PhD Student, University of California, in Berkeley, California  

 Seeking Information about the Experiences of Survivors with the Postwar Polish Justice System

I am a doctoral student in the History Department at the University of California, Berkeley, and also  the current Takiff Family Foundation Fellow in the Center forAdvanced Holocaust Studies at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.
I am a native of the Washington, D.C. suburbs, although I attended college at Columbia University in New York and have lived in Poland, Russia, and the former Yugoslavia at various times.

I’m presently writing my dissertation about post-WWII trials of people accused of crimes against Jews in Poland.

I am seeking to reach out to any Holocaust Survivors who may have had first or secondhand experience with the Polish court system in the period 1944 to 1956.
My dissertation is about how the post-war justice system in Poland dealt with the Holocaust, that is, the trials of Poles accused of wartime crimes against Jews. By wartime crimes, I am referring to acts like murder, capture, denunciation, or blackmail of Jews by Poles during the Second World War.
I am therefore looking for Survivors or relatives of Survivors who may have first- or second-hand impressions or anecdotes about the workings of the Polish criminal justice system (the courts, the prosecutors, the Ministry of Justice) or the Polish law enforcement agencies (the regular police, the Milicja Obywatelska / MO, or the political police, the Urz±d Bezpieczeñstwa / UB) during the immediate postwar period.
Conversely, I would also be very interested to hear about why Survivors might not have reached out to Polish law enforcement to seek justice.
It was suggested to me that I reach out to your network; would it be possible to post this e-Letter message to Allgenerations?
I would be very glad to correspond via mail or e-mail or speak on the telephone about these issues, but I would kindly ask that any Allgenerations members who are interested in discussing this matter further first contact me by e-mail, and we can take it from there.
Many thanks,
Andrew Kornbluth

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