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List do palestyny


A Letter to Palestine” is a poetical and musical expression of yearning and nostalgia; based on historical facts. Lots of Jews in pre-war times decided to leave European countries (Poland included) for a New Land — Palestine and reasons might have been various: orthodox, sionistic or just sentimental . The song is a confession and complaint of a couple which by such a decision got separated and stay far away from each other (a letter…).
Sung with true affection by Adam Aston, 1934.


Ben-Lewi (Adam Aston) & Dance Orchestra (Syrena Rekord Orchestra dir. by Henryk Gold) – Została nam piosenka (Only The Song Has Remained) (Its a Hebrew version of a Polish tango) Muz. T.Górzyński, Tekst: I.M.Biderman, Syrena-Electro 1936

Adam Aston sings in Hebrew – Została nam piosenka, 1936


NOTE: Composer Tadeusz Górzyński (né Grünberg) born in 1899 in Cracow, studied violin in Cracow Conservatory and in Vienna in class of conducting and composition. Since 1925 member of Karol Namysłowski Polish folk dance orchestra, in years 1927-35 he directed his own dance band, performing in Warsaw and Lwow restaurants and cafes as well as in summer spas (Ciechocinek, Krynica, Truskawiec). He composed for film : Dorożkarz nr 13 (The Cab Driver No 13), Rapsodia Bałtyku (The Baltic Rahapsody) or Biały murzyn (A White Negro), his were popular hits Gdy radio w pokoiku gra (When Radio Plays In My Little Room) or Piosenka fal (A Song Of The Waves). Since 1935 he joined as violinist a Small Orchestra Of The Polish Radio directed by his brother Zdzisław Górzyński. During the German occupation of Poland he was arrested and sent to the Nazi death camp in Majdanek, where he worked by the construction of the camp and in September 1942 he died of typhus.

Piosenka Nikodem


Piosenka Jadzia


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