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Film Ida zostal pokazany na Toronto International Film Festival. Oto komentarz Sheldona Kirshnera:

Pawel Pawlikowski’s Ida explores a dark and miserable period in Poland’s history: the Holocaust.

Polish films have embraced this theme with increasing frequency since the end of the communist era, as scholar Marek Haltof  has written. Ida, which was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival this month, is part and parcel of this genre.

Filmed in austere black and white, Pawlikowski’s spare movie is set in the early 1960s, when memories of World War II were still fresh. Anna (Agata Trzebuchowska), a prim 18-year-old apprentice nun, learns that her aunt, her only living relative, wants to see her. Anna is reluctant, but her mother superior insists she must take the meeting.

The aunt, Wanda Gruz (Agata Kulesza), a judge, gets to the point rather quickly. “So you are a Jewish nun,” she says. “You’re a Jew.”

Anna may be shocked, but she remains impassive as Wanda informs that her real name is Ida Lebenstein, that her parents, Haim and Roza, were murdered during the German occupation, and that she was raised as a Catholic in a convent.


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