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A stroll through the forest – Norrkoping, Sweden Oct/2013

Yes, God must be here
in the forrest deep.
The wind is whispering,
soughing through shimmering leaves-
kindling ashen memories
that lie buried
in between the city’s stone.

And there, in the oak
tree’s creases, do you see
the wrinkles in your grandfather’s face:
deep wrinkles like stab wounds
deep wrinkles like riverbeds of sap.
They flow through the arteries
of the oak tree’s many hands –
winding and widening
into your grandfather’s smile.

And there, in the smile’s crown,
does he meet the other overhanging
trees into an embrace that brings shade:
to give life a shade
to give life to shade.
Like children have we run
through the saccharine shade
of our thought’s course, wild with mysteries,
unable to hop over the hedges.

My exile has been long,
but not forever.
Yes, this is hallowed land.

Dawid tejer)

Skonczyl uniwersytet w Telavivie KINO i Literature angielska ma 28 lat.

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  1. czy jest ktos chetny zeby przetlumaczyc ten wiersz na jezyk polski?

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