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The left finally has one event that corroborates their slanderous accusations against Israel.

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A terrible crime took place.  Because of a deliberate arson attack by the as-yet-unknown assailants, 18-month-old Ali Dawabsha, a small baby in the Arab village of Duma, died in  last week’s fire .

The immediate and vociferous world reaction, including that of the Israeli media, was overwhelming. Many claimed that Jewish terrorism happens all the time and is ever-present.  A reader could get the impression that Jews murdering Arab babies is a daily occurrence. Yet nothing is further from the truth. In fact, the opposite is the rule.  Arabs attacking, maiming and murdering Jews is an almost-daily event. The ever-present Arab assaults are clearly racist, showing a blatant intention to kill.

We can’t tell if the arson attack on the Dawabsha home intended to kill the baby.  We can surmise, based on circumstances and evidence, that Jews were the perpetrators. Circumstances let us further surmise that the goal was to damage property, but not necessarily to kill anyone.  Hopefully, time will tell what really happened  and what result was intended. Time will also tell if it was indeed an attack by Jews.

But we do not need to wait to find out who has perpetrated dozens and dozens of attacks against Jews in the last year or two: Palestinian Arabs, driven by their fanatical, anti-Semitic, Islam-inspired hatred of Jews.

With this in mind, let us look at the official reactions to the Duma arson.  The US State Department immediately condemned the attack. The United Nations strongly condemned it, as did Secretary General  Ban Ki-moon, world press, and the European Union.  Israeli President Reuven Rivlin himself issued an apology.

Incredibly, the EU called for “zero tolerance’ for Jewish settler terror. Really?  Compare this to their reaction to the deliberate murder of Adva Biton’s baby girl Adelle, murdered in a terror attack in 2013 (hospitalized with massive neurological damage, died in 2015), or the murder of baby Chaya Braun last year in Jerusalem, both killed by Arabs.  What about the cold-blooded slaughter of the three Fogel children — by Arabs?   Complete silence. Hardly any world coverage, no condemnation from the US State Department, the UN or the EU, and no international press coverage. None.

Why?  I will tell you.  There is a clear double standard at work, both in the world press and in all international political organizations.  Arab deaths matter – but only if the fatal shot or blow came from a Jew. And Israeli Jewish lives do not.  This is the sad truth.  NO “zero tolerance” for the Palestinian Arabs, who can continue to kill and maim Jews at their leisure.The countless assaults by Arabs against Jews goes unreported and without condemnation. The EU has big problem only with the one single attack by a few persons against the Arabs, even though there is no clear proof yet that it was indeed perpetrated by Jews. The entire Jewish nation has already been condemned.

What is, in all probability, the murder of a single Arab by a one or more Jews, confirms the false narrative promoted the world over: Jews are the killers, Palestinian Arabs are the victims. The world media practically welcomes this kind of news. It rarely happens, but when it does, the media gets euphoric. Here it is – proof that Jewish settler violence is never-ending, that it is the biggest problem in the Middle East, etc. The false narrative of Jewish violence finally has some “proof”. These extremely rare cases are peddled as the rule, as the systemic problem.

The PA complaining about terrorism – that’s a good one. The terrorists complaining about terrorism by their victims.
It is a slanderous fallacy.  Arabs keep attacking Jewish civilians – constantly, repeatedly, systematically.  Besides being extremely rare, the Jewish assault cases were roundly condemned by the entire establishment of Israel.  From left to right, everyone expresses outrage and condemns violence against the Arab civilians. We had Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Rivlin, Israeli media and top political and cultural leadership condemning the (likely) Jewish violence.

Contrast this with the typical reaction of Arab leadership, including the Palestinian Authority, when, instead of an Israeli killing an Arab, an Arab murders an Israeli. The PA hails Arab murderers of Jewish civilians as heroes.  They name city streets and squares after these killers.  They provide their families with generous monthly stipends. They are presented to Palestinian Arab school children as glorious examples to admire and follow.

A new height of duplicity and hypocrisy was reached recently when the same Palestinian Authority submitted a legal complaint to the InternationalCriminal Court about the Jewish terrorism.  The PA complaining about terrorism – that’s a good one.  The terrorists complaining about terrorism by their victims.  It would be hilarious were it not for the fact that millions of leftists in Europe and America swallow this nonsense seriously and believe that it is the Jews’ aggressive behavior that is the real cause of the Middle Eastern Muslim mayhem.

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