Park Ocalalonych w Lodzi

Napisala i przyslala

Ala Elczewska



Dear Survivors, I am a second generation of survivors. My Mother was from Lødz and survived the Ghetto, Auschwitz and another KZ camp.
In 2004 she initiated a public garden  in her beloved Lødz – A Park of Survivors. Aleja Wojska Polskiego  83 w Lodzi.


Every single tree is planted by a survivor or a member of the family – of a survivor from Lødz Ghetto / Litmanstaadt.
I did describe the Park on Trip Advisor.


If any of you or if you do know anyone who survived the Lødz Ghetto ( and their family), please let me know and I will connect you with the responsible people. There is still plenty of space in the Parc for more trees. The trees are being planted in August.


Sending all of you my best wishes,
Ala Elczewska

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