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Nadeslal Slawek Grunberg i Katka Reszke

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Dear Friends,
We invite you to participate in 
which will 

take place on Sunday, 


June 22, 2014 
at the 
beautifully renovated 
White Stork Synagogue 
in Wroclaw, Poland.
slawek i katka 1)
It’s not every week that you have a Jewish wedding in Poland, which is why we decided to bring our Chuppah ceremony to the White Stork and we are making our simcha open to everyone and anyone who wants to experience Jewish life in 21st century Poland. 

                                         Yes, everyone is invited!

It’s been 50 years since the last time two ‘Polish Polish Jews’ were married at the White Stork Synagogue and 14 years since the memorable ceremony of our American friends Ellen Friedland and Curt Fissel!
slawek i katka
Please visit our wedding website 
to find out more about the ceremony 


RSVP by responding to this email.


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  1. Gratulacje! Od 21 czerwca bede w Ladku. To nie tak daleko. Jak mi sie uda to przyjade

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