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Solutions to the world’s most devastating tragedies disproportionately descend 
from Israeli ingenuity.

It could have been done with charts. It could have been done with graphs. It could have been done with data. In demonstrating that Israeli ingenuity is disproportionately remedying the world’s most intractable afflictions, enough statistics could have been presented to fill an archive.

But who would want to read a book packed with charts, graphs and statistics? Wouldn’t a data deluge drown out the cries of human victims in immediate need of rescue and relief? How could the above contentions about Israeli ingenuity disproportionately being the source of such rescue and relief be supported without providing specific examples?

Solution Nation: One Nation is Disproportionately Responding to the World’s Most Intractable Problems addresses both of these issues by introducing the reader to dozens and dozens of enterprising Israeli companies. Just a few of the solutions these companies are bringing to the market are directed towards preventing amputations; reducing the risk of auto accidents; vanquishing influenza; diagnosing cervical cancer with smartphones; purifying water; removing mercury from the air; generating water from the air; transforming carbon dioxide into electricity; rescuing people from burning buildings; triangulating human trafficking on the high seas; helping the blind see; and, enabling the paralyzed to stand and regain mobility.

         “Solution Nation makes me proud both 
          as an Israeli and as a technology investor.”

                   Guy Horowitz, Partner, Deutsche 
                   Telekom Capital Partners

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About Solution Nation™:   The stories of the dozens of featured companies are presented in an engaging and educating manner. Included in every profile is a rich background of the problem being tackled by the featured Israeli company, insight into the innovative solution developed by the Israeli company, and a list of brutally challenging questions investors might wish to pose to the management teams. There are no self-congratulatory applause-lines masquerading around as pensive prose in these pages—just one well-researched albeit inspiring story after another about how Israeli ingenuity is making the world a better place for the planet’s most deprived populace. A discussion of how Solution Nation came to fruition—including issues such as how the featured companies were selected—is provided in Appendix C of Solution Nation. For more information, please visit www.solutionnation.co.il.

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