Simcha Rotem czyta List Otwarty do Prezydenta RP i Prezydenta Miasta Warszawa


Zamieszczam nagranie Simchy Rotema – Kazika Ratajzera czytajacego, w swoim domu w Jerozolimie, List Otwarty do Prezydenta RP i Prezydenta Miasta Warszawa. Ten dokument wskazuje bezsprzecznie ze Simcha Rotem – zydowski bohater Powstania w Getcie Warszawskim – klarownie i dobitnie wyraza prosbe o zmiane LOKALIZACJI planowanego przy POLIN Muzeum pomnika. 

W czytanym liscie nie ma zadnych referencji do pomnika przy Placu Grzybowskim i ten pomnik nie jest przedmiotem toczacej sie dyskusji.

Ten dokument kladzie absolutny kres wszelkim probom dalszych manipulacji slow autora. Ten dokument kladzie kres falszywej interpretacji absolutnie nie majacej nic wspolnego z trescia listu i z wypowiedzia autorow listu Symchy Rotema i Pniny Grynszpan-Frymer.


My, Zydzi z calego swiata jestesmy zaszokowani ze ktokolwiek obraza godnosc Kazika Symchy Rotema, Bohatera Powstania w Gettcie Warszawskim sugerujac ze podpisujac list protestujacy lokalizacji pomnika kolo Muzeum Polin nie zdawal sobie sprawy ze swojego czynu. Jako ewidencje zalaczamy film z tego wydarzenia zarejestrowany w Jerozolime na spotkaniu z Simcha Rotemem u niego w domu.

We, Jews from all over the world are deeply disturbed that anybody has the temerity to affront the dignity of the Hero of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising – Simcha Rotem – by suggesting that he was not in possession of all his faculties while signing the protest letter. As evidence we are enclosing the video of Simcha Rotem reading the letter to the President of Poland. Symcha Rotem signed the letter in Jerusalem, in his home.

ENGLISH VERSION of the text read by Simcha Rotem

Open Letter
from Warsaw Ghetto Fighters, Kazik Ratajzer (Simcha Rotem) and Pnina Grynszpan Frymer
Bronisław Komorowski, President of the Republic of Poland, and
Hanna Gronkiewicz‐Waltz, President of the City of Warsaw
Dear Mr. President,
Dear Madam President,

We turn to you, Mr. President, and to you Madam President, regarding the planned location of the Monument of the Righteous in the vicinity of the POLIN museum and the Monument to the Heroes
of the Ghetto. We are shaken by this news. Understandably, it has also raised protests worldwide.

Mr. President, you represent the Republic of Poland, while the final decision on the location depends on you, Madam President.

The Republic of Poland, our first homeland, has bestowed upon us medals for our relentless fight against the Nazi occupier. In this fight, we were often alone, but we have survived the Holocaust. We
are also alive today because of help received from the Righteous Poles. These heroes deserve the highest honors and have our undying gratitude. We wholeheartedly support the idea of honoring
them with a monument, especially because many of them remain nameless; after all, they had to hide from their neighbors, just as we did.

However, we fail to understand why such a monument should be erected on the grounds where hundreds of thousands of people died a lonely death before any help arrived and in proximity to the
monument, which is their symbolic gravestone, and a place dedicated to preserving their memory.

To quote Marek Edelman, ”Hundreds of thousands of people vanished into oblivion. We have no right to speak on their behalf, because we do not know if they died hating their murderers or forgave them.

And nobody will ever know. But our duty is to ensure that their memory does not vanish. We need to remember the women, the children, the old and the young, who vanished into oblivion, murdered for no reason.” We should all be the guardians of their memory, and pass‐on this duty to the next generations, our children and our grandchildren.

Please preserve this sliver of the former ghetto, to respect the feelings of those who feel that they are the guardians of memory. Let it become a protected zone of memory, similar to the protective
zones in Auschwitz and Birkenau.

Warsaw is a large city. It is certainly possible to find many noble places in Warsaw to serve the deserving memory of the Righteous.
Please kindly consider our request.

Simcha Rotem Ratajzer (Kazik) Pnina Grynszpan Frymer

Przyslala Rimma Kaul



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