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The Class of 1964


Przyslala  Maria Szumanski

Mike’s newest novel, The Class of 1964, has just been published.

eBook and paperback

Marty, a budding writer, and a group of his friends—locals and immigrants, the less fortunate and the well off—graduate in 1964 from a small town Virginia high school. They all promise each other to attend their 50th reunion, “no matter what.” As decades pass their paths diverge and they emerge from the influence of their parents, many of whom experienced the barbarity of World War II.

Eventually, the anticipated reunion approaches and they must face the changes time brought to their lives. What became of them and how did they get there?


I invite you to follow the story of this group—sandwiched between their Greatest Generation parents and their Generation X children.

You will recognize many chapters from your own lives, and will re-live your past and re-examine the influences that prompted you to make the choices you have made.

Many of you will be encouraged to share untold life stories with your families, who will want to read my book to learn more about their parents’ time.

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