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On 16 November 1942, Joseph Schmidt died, only 38 years old. On his grave is written, “Ein Stern fällt”, a reference to one of his most successful films.

The whole film:

Schmidt was born on 4 March 1904 in the village of Davydivka in the Duchy of Bukovina (today Ukraine), which was then part of Austria-Hungary. He was blessed with a beautiful tenor voice and soon he was singing in the synagogue of Czernovitz where his family had moved after the First World War.

Below, Schmidt sings ‘Ano Avdoh’, an Aramaic prayer (1934 recording)

In 1924, he moved to Berlin, dreaming of a career as an actor. And dreaming of the opera. Unfortunately, his short height (Schmidt was only 1.54m) stood in the way of his dream. At his many auditions, his voice was considered exceptional, but his height… Luckily for him, a new medium was discovered at that time: the radio.

In 1929, Schmidt made his debut as Vasco da Gama in Meyerbeers L’Africaine on Berlin’s Rundfunk

The success that followed is indescribable: Schmidt became a world star. In total, he sang in 37 operas, including many Mozart and, mainly, Verdi.

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