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zawiadamiam, ze w USA zostala wydana ksiazka Yaschy Mounka

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“stranger in my own country”.(„obcy we wlasnym kraju”)

Yascha skonczyl Harvard i pisuje do znanych gazet jak: New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the International Herald Tribune, and Die Zeit.

Yascha jest synem Ani Gotlieb i Andrzeja Drukiera ktorym blog gratuluje

Blog gratuluje rowniez blogowym kumplom i wujkom  Romanowi ” ropciowi ” Gotlieb i Witkowi Drukierowi




Do nabycia na AMAZON.com

A co pisze  ” The New York Times”

Yascha Mounk’s book about growing up Jewish in Germany, “Stranger in My Own Country,” is rickety, not fully assembled, more the frame of a book than the sanded and stained product. Mr. Mounk is a young graduate student at Harvard, born in 1982, and his book is learned but at times not so wise.

Still, he is a gifted raconteur and aphorist, and if you want to learn about Germany’s perverse, absurd love for its Jews — the flip side, or the bastard child, of its historical anti-Semitism — this book is a fine place to start.

Mr. Mounk and his family are recent Germans. His grandparents settled in Poland after World War II, but when the Communists responded to the unrest of 1968 by stoking anti-Semitism, his grandfather and mother left for Germany. His mother became an opera conductor, and in 1991 she moved, with her son, to the provincial town of Laupheim, to conduct a nearby orchestra.

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