I, Bronia Halpern (Herzig), am searching for my brother, Benio Herzig whom we lost during the liquidation of the ghetto of Drohobycz.
Benio was born in 1936. The liquidation of the ghetto was in 1943.
Most probably, my Mom pushed him out of the truck while taken to the forests to be shot after their hiding place had been uncovered.

Benio was fair and had light blond hair.
Here are the photos of my Mom and Benio, and of my Mom, Benio and my elder brother, Elo.

Please contact us –

Bronia Halpern
13/5 Usishkin St
Tel: +972-3-504-9604

Eli Halmut
6 Israel Thin St
Tel: +972-52-423-8585


Drohobycz Boryslaws foto.
Drohobycz Boryslaws foto.
Drohobycz Boryslaws foto.

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