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Eliza Segiet




Eliza juz od wielu lat wspopracuje z blogiem.Jej wiersze ciesza sie duza popularnoscia. Zostala mianowana do nagrody IWG 2020 i prosba  od bloga aby zaglosowanc na Elize

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Nominations: 2020

Category: Literature

Location: Tomaszów Maz., Lodzkie, Poland

About Eliza:

Literary critics note that her literary work grew out of broadly understood humanism: the values it carries are universal and apply to every person – above all, living here and now, building their future on the past. The starting point of her virtually every writing is the human and their importance in the world. In her prose (farce “Tandem” and the micro-story “Voiceless”), she tries to pay attention to interpersonal relations, the importance of culture and art in our lives, which constantly determines all attitudes. In addition, “Voiceless” is a story about a specific place and time – an experience of a Pole of Jewish origin who is struggling with constant threat. For almost the entire war, forced to hide, abandon social, cultural and religious roles. Two poetic volumes (“Magnetic People” and “Unpaired”) are maintained in a similar vein. Both books are actually one lyrical tale of a subjugated human, closely corresponding to the experiences of the hero of “Voiceless” – also dealing with the topic of Destruction. They are poems in which memory and history are as important as human feelings – faith, hope and love. She tries to write down the testimony of history, pay homage to the victims of war. The poet is a philosopher by education, which is also reflected in her texts – deeply metaphysical considerations touch the essence of the discussed issue. She is also a woman, which is also of great importance, because many of the writings are the female perspective of seeing the world, human, body or loneliness. She is very touched that her texts are close to people, that the critics like them, they win awards, because it means that literature has enormous strength and trusts that writers – can change the world, even just a bit.

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