Israel is the Jewish Past, Present and Future

Przyslala Ewa Korulska

Now is the best time in history to be a Jew, and the State of Israel is the Jewish future.

When you’re a child in New York City studying the Bible, they’re just stories. They happened a long time ago.

But when you live in the Land of Israel, where the stories took place, the Torah comes to life.

This is just one of the messages in this wonderful video, where Avi Abelow, an advocate for Israel, discusses a range of issues related to the return of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland.

Speaking in the city of Efrat, located in the beautiful Judean hills, Abelow explains his optimism for the future of the Jewish state, touching on Jewish history, world politics, minorities in Israel, the media…and more.

Watch and discover why now is the best time ever to be a Jew.

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  1. Avi Abelow is nice person who believes in what he is saying. Sort of a “good Jew”. I like him, but I completely do not agree with him. The problem that I have with what he represents is that he lives on a land that was taken from others by force. He blames the media for bad coverage, how easy to escape the truth; thousands of people were exiled so he can live and dream his dream of the greatness in his beautiful Efrat. One day people who owned the land that Avi lives on and who were forced to abandon it, will come and claim it back, blood will be shed. I wish Avi instead of dreaming his Utopian dreams of forced and fake coexist-ency , started be realistic and think of what could be done to have both sides really happy.
    So I am rather sorry for him, as he will diminish, people who’s land was taken from them by force eventually get it it back. One day America will stop supporting the Jewish imperialism, what will Avi do then?

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