Pokaz filmu My Australia w Kopenhadze.

My Australia_0

Dzisiaj (3/12-2012) w Kopenhadze w naszym srodowisku pomarcowych
emigrantow a takze dunskich zydow obejrzelismy
film My Australia.
Nie sklamie jesli powiem ze prawie wszyscy byli wzruszeni
historia. Osobiscie uwazam ze film jest godny polecenia.

In a poor neighborhood in 1960s Łódź, Poland,
10-year-old Tadek and his brother are in a gang with a strong anti-Semitic bent.
When they are arrested, their mother, a
Holocaust survivor, has no choice but to reveal that though raised as Catholics,
they are in fact Jews. Telling the younger boy they are going to Australia, the land
of his fantasies, the family boards a ship to Israel. This tender and humorous drama
is based on the filmmaker’s own experiences.

Link to My Australia trailer
Pozdr. Adam Konski

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